By:  Holly Horning

Sometimes, in order to make sense of how a season is going, you need to stop reading the traditional media’s increasing flurry of speculative articles, and start asking questions instead. Questions that may help you understand what you are seeing on the field and what you are not hearing from the team. Questions that point to why certain moves are made – and more importantly, why expected or logical moves aren’t made.

Often, it’s the lack of comments or actions that are more telling. If something significant happens, who’s not talking? Who’s been awfully quiet for a long time? Is anyone speaking up for someone who is not pulling their weight? Or, are quiet people speaking up more? Are you hearing more excuses or the blame being switched to others?

With this in mind, the purpose of today’s blog is not to provide answers or observations. Rather, it is to get us all thinking. So here are some questions to consider today, tomorrow and for the rest of the season.

What if………………………………..

… Mr. I is waiting to see the season’s results before extending Dave Dombrowski’s contract?

… Mr. I and DD brought back Tram as a safety net just in case Brad didn’t work out this year and they needed a quick replacement?

… DD is waiting for the right manager to come along before changing managers?

… Wally Joyner is still with the team because the Tigers are considering a new manager who would bring in his own staff?

… Mr. I and DD are waiting to see how much VMart is able to help the team before deciding to replace Brad?

… all of the recent miscues in the field symbolize the players’ increased stress and overwhelmed feelings because of the lack of leadership?

… players started calling their own game strategies last week because they lost faith in their manager?

… the increased player comments defending their roles and skills is due to their lack of support for their manager?

… Brad is throwing players under the bus in an attempt to protect his job?

… Nick Castellanos hasn’t been locked up (the new trend of extending contracts to younger players) contract-wise because the Tigers are unhappy with his progress or want to use him as trade bait?

… JD Martinez is not locked into a new contract because the Tigers are waiting on their AAA candidates and may use him as trade bait?

… Dave’s recent quote about Brad, omitting support for his managing skills, is indicative that he and Mr. I are not happy with his work?

… the impending new TV mega-millions contract (based upon viewership) forces the Tigers to choose contending this year vs. rebuilding?

As for me, I’m going to hang onto these questions. I believe many of them will remain relevant throughout the season.

3 thoughts on “WHAT IF?

  1. I have also been wondering if Mr. Illich will have to go on a buying spree before the trade deadline instead of being a wholesale seller because of the upcoming television contract. The poor play of our team has rendered the Tigers almost unwatchable. Aside from the impact that this will have at the gate, it is definitely affecting the number watching on TV.


  2. JD and Nick have not been locked up because they are both under team control still. And this trend to locking up young kids is buying them out of a year or two of free agency. Don’t do that before they are even arbitration eligible. Most of the rest of these focus on the manager.


  3. Sometimes it is what is not said that is telling. Very good analysis. Mr I and DD sitting on the fence, however I agree with that stance. No rush to judgement, but my gut tells me Ausmus won’t be here next year . This team does not have what it takes to win this year. Wish with all my heart they did.


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