By:  Holly Horning

I’ve amassed quite a collection of random stats and interesting observations that fall outside of our general blog parameters. I’ve also started keeping count of some interesting patterns exhibited by our team. All of this not covered by the traditional media. Join me in a few raised eyebrows of this potpourri of potential pitfalls and some possible positive points to ponder.

BASES LOADED AND UNABLE TO SCORE – The count is up to 13 times so far this season. Three more were added this week.

TIGERS QUOTED AS SAYING “THAT’S BASEBALL!” – 9 this year, including Brad (multiple offender), Alex Avila, Wally Joyner, Ian Kinsler, Joe Nathan, Angel Nesbitt, Anibal Sanchez, Justin Verlander and JD Martinez. Maybe more but I don’t know the Spanish translation of the phrase.

UM, WRONG PLAYOFF GAMES – After the last game with Oakland, at least 8 or 9 Tigers stayed in town instead of traveling with the rest of the team to Anaheim. They attended the Golden State Warriors basketball playoff game.

While players certainly deserve personal time, was it really a good idea to participate in an event that would surely interrupt the amount of rest they needed?  And when the team is really struggling? How much of this was a factor in their flat, listless performance and trouncing by the Angels the next day? Given the overall drop in performance, it’s fair to question their priorities. The next time the Tigers are told they need to make the playoff games, we should be more specific about which ones.

GAMES WITH 2 OR FEWER RUNS SCORED – 11 in April. 15 in May out of 27. That’s 55% of their games! In the last 42 contests, they failed to score more than 2 runs in 24 games. While April showed 17 wins and 10 losses, May’s drop in offense has produced an under .500 record with 13 wins and 14 losses through Friday.

MLB TEAM STANDINGS – The Tigers have fallen from #1 to #14 in team batting (#9 in the AL). Pitching has fallen to #7 in the AL. Defense ranks #6 (#2 in the AL). Only Miggy remains in the top 5 offensive categories and Soria ranks #2 in total saves. Miggy is tied for #1 in defensive stats for both leagues.

And on that positive note, we’ll end here………….

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  1. Thanks, Holly! Leadership – those 10 letter words are so difficult to understand and practice. Kinda like when I was in education and would ask students about their responsibilities – all they could talk about was their rights. It was easier. If there’s no recognizable leadership for the players – they stop caring about “team goals.” Most things in life are not that difficult – unless you’re DD.


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