By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

With only 2 more days until the Tigers hit game 50, they have reached their first grading period in the inaugural year of Totally Tigers.

So let’s look at how our writers have graded each Tiger through 48 games.


James McCann (B+/A-) – Hoping he’ll make everyone forget about Brian.
Miguel Cabrera (A+) – normal scale; (A) – Miggy scale.
Ian Kinsler (A-) – Prince who? This guy cares.
Jose Iglesias (A+) – The Human Highlight Reel.
Nick Castellanos (C) – Awaiting the day he stays in a game late defensively.
Yoenis Cespedes (C+/B-) – Love the bat. Not so much the fielding stats.
Anthony Gose (A-) – Finally! A bona fide leadoff hitter.
J.D. Martinez (A-) – He’s the real deal folks.
Victor Martinez (NA) – He’ll be baaaaack….

Rajai Davis (B+) – Reminds me of Roadrunner in speed and attitude.
Alex Avila (C-) – Yeah, yeah, good defense but I don’t dig walks.
Andrew Romine (C+) – The next Don Kelly.
Hernan Perez (E) – Not Ready for Prime Time Player.
Tyler Collins (NA) – His potential could make me forget his namesakes, Eddie and Tom.
Bryan Holaday (NA) – But he gets an A+ for attitude after being sent down.

Alfredo Simon (A-) – Simon says “I have more wins than any other starter.”
Shane Greene (B) – Still a little greene.
David Price (A-) – The price is right, at least for this year.
Anibal Sanchez (C-) – Anibal, whatthehell?
Kyle Lobstein (C+) – Grading down on the curve due to potential arm injury.

Alex Wilson (A-) – May just make us forget about Porcello.
Joba Chamberlain (NA) – Not enough info; he’s like a box of chocolates.
Joakim Soria (A+) – Sales of Mylanta & Tums have dropped considerably.
Blain Hardy (NA) – Not enough info.
Al Alburquerque (D) – Stats show him at the bottom of the pen.
Tom Gorzelanny (C-) – Hits-a-plenty.
Angel Nesbitt (B) – Based upon potential, hope we’ve been sent an angel.

Brad Ausmus (D) – Nice guy, but we all know what Leo Durocher said about that.
Dave Dombrowski (B) – A for his acquisitions, but a C for keeping Brad.


James McCann (A) – The future is bright at catcher.
Miguel Cabrera (A) – The franchise always gets an A.
Ian Kinsler (B) – Second base in good hands.
Jose Iglesias (A) – When the wizard isn’t at SS, you notice.
Nick Castellanos (C) – Still waiting for him to take off; will he?
Yoenis Cespedes (B+) – Big upgrade in left field, worth the trade.
Anthony Gose (A) – Shockingly good, just what the doctor ordered.
J.D. Martinez (B-) – Ramping back up, knows how to hit.
Victor Martinez (NA) – Haven’t seen the real VMart yet, hope we will.

Rajai Davis (A-) – One of the most valuable Tigers.
Alex Avila (C-) – The question has been answered, hasn’t been missed.
Andrew Romine (B) – What more can you ask? Key bench strength.
Hernan Perez (E) – Should be released, not a big leaguer.
Tyler Collins (NA) – Too early to tell.
Bryan Holaday (B) – Not too early to tell; very effective backup catcher.

Alfredo Simon (A-) – Surprise #2 starter, very impressive.
Shane Greene (C) – Too streaky, but maybe that’s ok for soon to be #5.
David Price (A-) – Definition of an Ace, when you need a win, you’ll get it.
Anibal Sanchez (D) – I don’t even know who this guy is.
Kyle Lobstein (C+) – Has bailed out this team subbing for JV.

Alex Wilson (A) – Huge addition in trade for Porcello. Has been gold.
Joba Chamberlain (C+) – He scares me, but has been decent lately.
Joakim Soria (A) – A sense of calm in the ninth? In Detroit?
Blain Hardy (B-) – Has been solid, no complaints.
Al Alburquerque (C) – Always a puzzle.
Tom Gorzelanny (C) – New Coke better than Old Coke.
Angel Nesbitt (B-) – Finding his niche, has been valuable piece of pen.

Brad Ausmus (D) – Will be the difference if we don’t go to the Series.
Dave Dombrowski (B) – But it doesn’t stand for Brad.

6 thoughts on “ONE TOPIC – TWO TAKES

  1. Your both being two kind to VM- my favorite Tiger BTW. He deserves a “d” for his first marking period. His performance was miserable and he hurt the team beyond just on the field. He should not have been playing despite his gutty answering the bell daily- but that’s mostly on Ausmus. Lastly your grading is right on, almost identical, and almost a blueprint of mine.


  2. I think you’re both undergrading Romine. I mean really, Holly a C?! The guy’s hitting .361 for crying out loud!!! I don’t remember Don Kelly doing that.


      • Didn’t realize his defense hasn’t been up to snuff. I just assumed it was at his past level since he’s the appointed late inning replacement. I guess that’s why you get the big bucks!

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  3. Agree for the most part with both of you. The BA thing is still gnawing at me and still not sure of his managerial skill set. I hope JV comes back as a pitcher vs a thrower, I hope VMart rests and gets well, and mostly hope BA finds some wisdom and passion for the game. GO Tigers!!!


  4. You forgot to grade the T.V. announcers. The one s that say, Big Fly, punch out, touched the pillows, slide piece, knock and all those other, (I think), dumb words. I love Home run, base hit, strike out etc, Baseball’s language doesn’t need changing. Just think if they started doing that in football, basketball, hockey and soccer


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