By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

Oh, we’ve got Kudos, maybe. And plenty of Comments. And Concerns? Oh yes, we have concerns. Trying not to speak for both of us, but I can only imagine where we may head with this week’s edition of KC&C.

We won’t be including anything that has transpired in Friday night’s game. It’s been painful enough this week. So we will let Holly get it started.



Joakim Soria is finally the official closer!

In the past week, he pitched in 2 of the 3 wins and put up a row of goose eggs with no drama involved.

Can’t tell you how great it feels to finally have the right guy in the right job.


It hasn’t been a good week; the 11-2 blast out of the gate has been stalled by a losing streak.

I have kudos for Joakim Soria, the one certainty in the bullpen.

But that would be it, mainly because this is about winning and losing, and I tend to hand out kudos when it contributes to winning, which we have done little of this week.



I find it amazing that everyone is so focused on the loss of Nathan and the need to replace him.

We have a bona-fide closer now so the need turns to a less-urgent BP tweaking.

The more important issue, and what is truly scary, is that there are no more management updates on JV.


You can watch baseball for your entire life knowing that it’s a 6 month, 162 game season.

But even knowing that, you catch yourself drawing conclusions for the season based on a week or 2 worth of games, good or bad.

So, I will give Brad Ausmus more time to either continue his confounding management of the pitching staff, or somehow figure it out.



Will Brad ever get a handle on how to manage pitchers?

He allowed Price to make 51 pitches in the first inning alone, which nearly broke the all-time record of 53.

And in the same week, makes a comment about how the BP isn’t getting enough work.


Concerns rule the week. We have dealt with losing more than winning.

And we have lost in different ways just as we have won.

Pitching, defense and hitting all have had roles in the losing streak; all 3 phases have contributed; with a fourth being our manager, who helped dig huge holes in games by doing nothing for too long.