By:  Kurt Snyder

Six games into the 2015 season, we can honestly say with certainty,  Miggy is back.  Boy is he back.

My brothers and I talk often about how lucky we are to be able to watch everyday, someone who is arguably the best to ever wear a Tiger uniform. But with each and every injury, the media wants us to believe that the Tigers have made some sort of mistake signing Miguel Cabrera to such a huge, long-term contract.

But this is a Hall of Fame Tiger, and why on earth would we want him playing anywhere else? The man is mesmerizing everyone again, as evidenced by his own personal slaughter of the Indians in Cleveland this past weekend.

They are still licking their wounds after suffering through a relentless display of hitting by the best hitter in the game, as he made a mockery of Indians pitching, going 11-14 for the series.

He certainly seems healthy again and he has led the Tigers to a season opening 6 game winning streak. But he hasn’t done it alone.

This is a relentless team with its combination of speed, power and defense. And their pitching? Well, it has been good enough to win all 6 games.

The bullpen has been erratic but it’s not clear what the roles will be yet.   Frankly, I can get used to Soria closing, without a doubt. So that will be an interesting decision going forward.

But the biggest news in Detroit is the guy who, like his team, has come charging out of the tunnel, looking healthy again and mashing the baseball, the same guy we weren’t sure would be ready to start the season.

But all the doubters about Miguel Cabrera and the Tigers can now, please, take notice. So far, Miggy has not been solved, in fact, neither has the rest of the lineup; a group of big hitters surrounded by speed at the top and at the bottom. It’s been something to watch.

But, don’t be fooled, I am not ignoring what’s going on in Kansas City. Once a team earns the right to come within a game of winning the whole enchilada, they have your respect. If you haven’t notice, the Royals are 6-0 too. They have decided they like this whole winning thing and aren’t planning to stop anytime soon.

Look at the Royals’ formula; it was built around tremendous defense and an outstanding bullpen. They struggled to score runs all of last season. But when the playoffs rolled around, they could do nothing wrong. All the hitting came around. They road their strengths, staying in contention all season until the weak parts of their game became part of their strengths. And it almost brought them an improbable championship.

So maybe the Tigers can learn a little from the Royals. No, I don’t think they are going to match the great bullpen combination they have, but they have more ways to win; disciplined hitting, speed, defense and good starting pitching; nice little menu there isn’t it?

But in the end they will need to have the bullpen come together. They have the tools down there, they just don’t know which one to use first, and that will come. And until it does, they are much more capable of compensating for their weaknesses than they were last season.

They now have a multi-dimensional team lead by Miguel Cabrera, who has demonstrated that he is alive and well. Good news for us and bad news for everyone else. Cleveland is glad to see him go.

6 games in, so far, so good.