By:  Kurt Snyder & Holly Horning

Opening Day is upon us kids and in 2 short days we will get to entertain ourselves reading how great our Tiger team is going to be if we win and how in trouble they are if they lose.

The fan base in any sport is a reactionary group, at any point of the season. It’s why we are choosing to take little bites at the end of every week to recognize the good, make any comment we have been waiting to share and show concern when concern is appropriate.

So here is round 2 of Kudos, Comments and Concerns. We have enforced the same rules on ourselves, we can’t look at the other’s without writing our own. So here we go:


Kudos – I like how a plan comes together. James McCann came into camp with a shot at being not only the backup catcher but with a shot at platooning in preparation for a full-time gig next season if all goes well. Another A for McCann, if that’s possible, as he has a ticket to The Show.

Comments – My hope is that Rondon’s shoulder tendonitis was a blessing as it seems that he was about to go north with this team. Given my partner’s eloquence on how well this team has been protecting their players the last couple seasons, it seems it took his own injury to get him what he needs; rest and a slower pace, before taking on a big role with the big club. Throwing 100 mph in Lakeland; glad he put a stop to that, since no one else was.

Concerns – My concern is with the Minnesota Twins and winning the first series. It’s where the team’s concern should be so why not us? However, there is of course concern with an unsettled bullpen that will have to find an identity, so lots of opportunities for guys to make immediate impressions; God knows we need them.


Kudos – James McCann made the roster displacing Holaday and giving Tiger fans hope for new blood behind the plate. Gotta love his desire to be the best, work long hours and not give up. The national media seems to appreciate his framing and ability to throw out runners.

Comments – My gut tells me there is one more trade that will drop early this season. I just can’t reconcile having two identical players in Romine and Perez, neither of whom can play first base comfortably. In a perfect world, Romine gets traded for a defensive infielder who also has experience at first base and can relieve Miggy, and then VMart late in the game.  (You mean like Don Kelly, Holly?)

Concerns – With 2 pitchers now on the DL, the BP becomes even more important. Rut roh. I’m just not comfortable at all knowing one guy (Soria) is dependable, one (Nesbitt) is unknown, one is flammable (Nathan), and 4 are highly suspect. I don’t expect this group to stay intact for long.

Thanks for reading; as usual, interesting comparison. Can’t wait for Opening Day. And for those of you who are going, don’t forget to take a drive by “The Corner.”