By:  Kurt Snyder

So today I take a break. We can’t continually complain about the inexperience and decision-making skills of our manager. We risk being labeled complainers.

The Tiger roster is pretty much there in relation to being ready for the season. Cabrera and VMart have started getting at bats and that’s a very good thing. We have a set starting line-up and we have a set starting rotation.

We do have risk at closer which will more than likely play itself out early in the season. Nathan is hanging by a thread and it’s just a matter of time before we find out if he has anything left or if he has reached the end. My guess is a new closer awaits within a few weeks.

So the things the club has left to solve are few.  A couple of spots in the bullpen remain undecided and that may be it.  And as much as we debate it, the bench seems very close to being decided. The Tigers look to be taking a backup catcher and 2 infielders north with them.

The highlight there is at catcher. I think we will be very pleased with the abilities of James McCann, both offensively and defensively.

Benchwise, Ausmus has told us, we will pinch run and substitute for defense, but rarely pinch hit, at least early. And if an infielder needs a rest, well, we will have two of those to cover.

I have to believe that Ausmus plans to make use of both Gose and Davis on some days. Cespedes tends to get nicked up a lot so I see Davis filling the void in those instances. This has to be how Brad envisions covering the outfield. That actually would be a good explanation expected from the manager.

In the end, the Tigers are a slave to their personnel. We have 2 infielders that we risk losing on the waiver wire if they aren’t with the big club. What a way to make the team.   I would prefer we add a hitter and drop Perez but haven’t we all just beat this to death this week?

Let’s put an end to this spring training and get a move on.  April awaits.


6 thoughts on “THE DOG DAYS OF SPRING

  1. Kurt, my hope is the Tigers have a closer…and I don’t care about the name on the back of the jersey. I have to say I doubt that name will be Nathan and I hope Ausmus (and Dombrowski) has Nathan on a VERY short leash. Cut ties with Nathan if he looks bad for three weeks and go with Soria or Rondon is the plan I would go with.

    I would not be concerned with losing Romine or Perez on waivers, but everything I read says the Tigers are…WHY ARE THEY???


      • Kurt, I would keep Romine over Perez because Romine is a switch hitter…which means he can make outs from both sides of the plate!!!

        I gotta be honest. I replied for the sole purpose of making the “outs from both sides of the plate” comment.


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