By: Holly Horning

Don’t know about the rest of you, but just hearing that Victor is working out in the off-season strikes fear in my heart and makes me want to run and swathe him in bubble wrap. He may be pure gold, but it appears that VMart purchased his knees from KMart.

Much has been said about the possible temporary loss of his bat, and his ability to hit from the left side of the plate further shouts the need for more LH batters, especially given the current roster of Avila, Romine and Gose. Strikes fear in your heart, doesn’t it? I’m sure DD has been exploring options just in case, but don’t expect any official moves to be made until after the surgery and doctor’s report.

But what hasn’t been discussed until now is Victor’s talents beyond the playing field, which cannot be replaced. As a team leader and role model, his presence will be sorely missed until he is able to return to the clubhouse. Young players, especially rookies, would greatly benefit from watching his approach and dedication to the game. And then there’s Cespedes, with his reported reputation for taking little pre-game practice. He could certainly benefit most from hangin’ with The “V” in the Big “D.”

While his latest injury is concerning for all the usual reasons, all is not as dire as the fear-mongering media paints it. As someone who is always “cautiously optimistic”, I believe there are positive results that can come out of this. For those of you still on the ledge, here are five reasons which may offer hope.

(Maestro, please cue the music from the Monty Python movie, Life of Brian: “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”)

1. VMart’s injury happened in the off-season which will allow him to miss fewer games than if it occurred during the regular season.

2. Victor doesn’t play a regular position. He’ll be able to get back up to speed faster given that his primary focus will be batting.

3. Any loss is a significant one, but let’s be realistic – a really good team like the Tigers isn’t built on one player. They can survive this. Just ask the Orioles and Giants, to name a few. Oh, and those 1968 Tigers.

4. The temporary loss of Victor will enable the Tigers to gather more in depth analysis on the rookies and invites to Spring Training. Someone may get a chance they didn’t expect.  Maybe one of them will see a unique opportunity and step up their game.

5. Maybe now Brad will finally kill that silly notion of putting Victor back behind the plate.

(Maestro, cue the whistling refrain now…..)